The darkest dark goes

by sink \ sink



Grandiose, lush, full and immersive are all words that are summoned to my mind when hearing The Darkest Dark Goes by sink \ sink for the very first time. Like an ancient machine warming up Astronávt quavers in, slowly and assuredly joined by an assembly of warm instruments and Kim Schulke’s striking vocals. What follows is an introduction to an album steeped in epic lo-fi sounds, thick and dense orchestration and unbridled emotion.
sink \ sinks' creative process is one of dynamism and fluidity with Gareth Schott writing and recording the music, Kim Schulke taking care of vocals and Callum Plews responsible for writing the majority of the lyrics, mixing and mastering. The end result is enhanced by contributions from established drone artists Darren Harper (Earth Mantra, Twisted Treeline) and Gimu (Sacred Phrases, Audio Gourmet), and complimented by a host of guest musicians.
The stuck-in-molasses Gursky is a prime example of the group adopting the post-rock tag and twisting it into their own little monster with bellowing bass, vocal surgery, sound manipulation and Schulke ruminating on the line, “Climb over my fence, take your indifference and save it for myself”.
The glimmering beauty of Mojave muses on meta-cognition and fearing the fear of being alone as acoustic guitar interpolates with mournful strings for a mid-section that precedes a blistering distorted closing, complete with soaring multi-tracked vocals and crushing percussion (Plews).
sink \ sink have crafted a record that extends the general consensus on modern lo-fi music and pushes its pre-conceived boundaries. A melting pot of influences informs and guides a truly original sound, to deliver a satisfying and challenging listen for fans of atmospheric lo-fi, post-rock and modern classical music.

Alex Stretton


released April 16, 2012

All songs written and performed by Gareth Schott, Kim Schulke and Callum Plews

Additional writing credits: bass by Alan Deare (track 3), words by Christian Parahi (track 2)

Mixed and mastered by Callum Plews (

Cover art by Meredith Collins

Design by Leonardo Rosado

bass- Jon Postlethwaite (tracks 4,5) Charles Gorley (track 7)
piano- Andy Feldman (tracks 1,8)
violin- Richie Nelson (tracks 4, 9)
cello- Alexander Arai-Swale (tracks 1, 6-9)
drums- Peter Wulff (track 3)
drones- done with Darren Harper (track 1) Gimu (track 2)



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